Taking Your Eye Game to Bat Wing Level

Let’s say you’ve finally mastered the art of the winged liner or the cat eye, congratulations! But before you hang up your liners and keep your tools in the dresser, we’re introducing another winged liner . . .much like your cat eye, but bolder. We don’t know about you but we’re superbly excited to try out the bat liner for ourselves.

So it’s a look that is similar to a cat eye, just

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Matching Eyeshadow with Eye Color

You know the dilemma; you want to wear eyeshadow but you’re not sure what color will look best with your eye color. Even though some say that you should coordinate your eyeshadow with your clothing, you should also pay attention to your actual eye color as well. But not to worry, because help is here with a quick tips list on which eyeshadow hues will look the best on each eye color.

Blue Eyes

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Avoiding Those Splitting Ends

Exhausted of having those split ends? Well, worry no more! There are tons of ways to get rid of those, in fact, prevent it from happening once more.

1. From time to time tossing your hair in a bun on top of your head and just springing in for a quick body shower is perfectly fine and truly very healthy! Learn to work second-day hair I am 100 percent positive that the position of

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How to Create Body

The secret to creating body in straight hair, flat hair and wavy hair is hair product and a proper blow dry. You need the right haircut of course (layers are key!), but if you add a volumizing spray or sea salt spray, you can create body.

Wash Fine Hair Daily if You Want, Wash Coarse Hair Weekly if You Want
You may have heard that you should never wash your hair every day. Feel

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How to do the Smoky Eye and the Dramatic Eye

Ahhh, the smoky eye. Perhaps there is no longer-running eye makeup trend than the smoky eye, which is in no danger of going out of style. The key here is to blend well. Also, make sure to keep all other makeup light or you risk looking overdone. You don't want the rest of your makeup to compete with your eyes.

Holding the skin of your upper lid taut, apply eyeliner from the inside corner

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